Declutter and make a tidy profit. Free live 60-min workshop.

Feeling Weighed Down by Clutter?

I want you to live and work in a beautiful, inspiring environment that’s custom-tailored to you. To do that, you’ve got to declutter.

Decluttering is the gateway to your greatness. It’s crazy the abilities and discoveries it reveals. 

External decluttering leads to internal decluttering. 

I’m passionate about helping you clear out all the stuff (physical and mental) that’s standing in the way of your thriving business and life. Plus, there’s a big componenet of play in how we do this. Oh and just to sweeten the deal, you get moola in the mix by selling what you declutter!

Wouldn’t it be nice to exchange some trash jamming up your home for a little cash?

This free workshop will start the ball rolling for your inspired, decluttered life. 


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Join Me on this Live 60-Minute Workshop Where You’ll:

  • Start conquering clutter right on this workshop

  • See how my system of 1.Declutter and then 2.Sell on Poshmark is your ticket to a rewarding work and home life

  • Start learning how to make a “tidy profit” decluttering; I made $5,851.63 on Poshmark by decluttering — and so can you

  • BONUS: Get a $10 Poshmark spending credit for free

  • Discover how clutter sidetracks your business and $ growth

  • Learn how decluttering is the easiest antidote to feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated and how it awakens dormant parts of you that will move you towards your true life and business dreams

I believe that deep down, you know there’s something sacred about space and with clutter, you’re covering up the sacred with stuff. Do you really want that to be the way you live?

Sign up today and get your house in order.

Declutter and make a tidy profit. Free live 60-min workshop.

“Shows you the light…

Katie’s brilliant, creative mind elevates [your results]. This [program] shows you the light…”

— Crystal Johnson, TX & CO

“Made a big difference…

Katie’s made a big difference in my life and my business…”

— Rae-ann Woods-Shatz
Edmonton, Canada

“Like doing emotional yoga…

Hits the mark. This is like doing emotional yoga.”

— Sean Callanan, CT

“Completely changed my life…

Katie’s program completely changed my life.”

— Jill Kane, MA

Hi, I'm Katie Colormaiden. I turn dream-killing clutter into stunning, soulful spaces and extra cash for brilliant, playful, spiritual entrepreneurs. 

Katie Colormaiden

Spiritual Business & Home Designer
Decluttering Expert

I’m an artist who loves spreadsheets.

Designer, Writer, Developer of beautiful businesses, brands and home furnishings. I’ve run my business, Embodyart, for 22 years. I’ve designed huge exhibition spaces for Sikorsky Aircraft and United Technologies Corp. I specialize in working with brilliant, playful, spiritual entrepreneurs all over the world.

Working from home for decades, I’ve learned how your environment influences your productivity, outlook and ability to create. 

Open up space for success. 

It’s not an overstatement to say that decluttering is the key to creating the mental, physical. spiritual and emotional space you need to become all you’re meant to be.Then you can create gorgeous home and work spaces that inspire you to make what you’ve been put on this earth to do.

Lovin Bytes,

If it ain’t fun, it won’t get done.

Vintage is in Vogue

Poshmark has 80 million users (with 7.6 million active) and brings in about $1.3 billion in sales a year. Poshmark started trading its IPO this past year. Their stock price jumped 142% on its first day of trading, causing it to be valued at $7 billion.

Declutter and make a tidy profit. Free live 60-min workshop.