Feeling Weighed Down by Clutter?

I want you to live and work in a beautiful, inspiring environment that’s custom-tailored to you. To do that, you’ve got to declutter.

Decluttering is the gateway to your greatness. It’s crazy the abilities and discoveries it reveals. 

External decluttering leads to internal decluttering. 

I’m passionate about helping you clear out all the stuff (physical and mental) that’s standing in the way of your thriving business and life. Plus, there’s a big component of play in how we do this.

Oh and just to sweeten the deal, you get moola in the mix by selling what you declutter! Wouldn’t it be nice to exchange some trash jamming up your home for a little cash?

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Katie Colormaiden

Spiritual Business & Home Designer
Decluttering Expert

Hi, I’m Katie Colormaiden. I turn dream-killing clutter into stunning, soulful spaces and extra cash for brilliant, playful, spiritual entrepreneurs.

I’m an artist who loves spreadsheets.

Designer, Writer, Developer of beautiful businesses, brands and home furnishings. I’ve run my business, Embodyart, for 22 years. I’ve designed huge exhibition spaces for Sikorsky Aircraft and United Technologies Corp. I specialize in working with brilliant, playful, spiritual entrepreneurs all over the world.

Working from home for decades, I’ve learned how your environment influences your productivity, outlook and ability to create. 

Open up space for success. 

It’s not an overstatement to say that decluttering is the key to creating the mental, physical. spiritual and emotional space you need to become all you’re meant to be.Then you can create gorgeous home and work spaces that inspire you to make what you’ve been put on this earth to do.

Lovin Bytes,


Decluttering is the most surprising, easiest antidote to feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated. Go from drained to inspired. For real.

The icing on the cake is that I made $5,851.63 selling what I decluttered on Poshmark — and I'll show you how you can too!

Feel freer than you ever have.

The profit is icing on the cake. The feeling you get from decluttering is the best feeling in the world. You’ll feel calm and raring to go at the same time. You’ll feel like you can do anything. It gives you a whole new lease on life.

“Shows you the light…

Katie’s brilliant, creative mind elevates [your results]. This [program] shows you the light…”

— Crystal Johnson, TX & CO

“Made a big difference…

Katie’s made a big difference in my life and my business…”

— Rae-ann Woods-Shatz
Edmonton, Canada

“Like doing emotional yoga…

Hits the mark. This is like doing emotional yoga.”

— Sean Callanan, CT

“Completely changed my life…

Katie’s program completely changed my life.”

— Jill Kane, MA

Learn the art and science of how to effectively sell what you declutter on Poshmark — fast! (it took me 5 years).

Why would you want to do this?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons. For one thing, in case you haven't heard, decluttering is the fastest way to enlightenment I've ever heard of (and I was a religion major so I know a thing or two about enlightenment -- just sayin').

Why is that? It's because, like Buddha said thousands of years ago, when you're "in the world but not ‘of’ it,” that's when things start to get good. And when you learn to love your things but not cling to them — which is what this whole process teaches — that's when your life goes into superdrive.

Another simple reason is that it's nice to get some money back from all the junk laying around your attic, your basement, your garage (when was the last time your car fit in there, may I ask without judgment?) and even your closets in your tidy-looking house (that was me).

Another is that it's hard to believe the multiple lessons this process teaches you that you'd never expect. One of the biggest ones for me was learning the actual value of a dollar. When you buy and sell items that are often $10 and $20, it teaches you how that adds up and what the real value of a dollar is a thousand times better than any economics professor could ever hope to.

Another is that selling on Poshmark, which is the platform I'm teaching you how to use in this course because I like it the best of the options out there, is a social selling platform. That means there's a whole lotta love shared back and forth with every interaction. It's so much fun sending something off to Tennessee that you've been not using in New York.

It teaches you that possessions are kind of like people: more valuable than what meets the eye sometimes. They've got a spirit. They've got a story. That's seriously fun and seriously good stuff that you can only really understand when you undertake this adventure.

I want to inspire you to go through this journey with me. I promise you it'll be more fun and more eye-opening than you could ever expect.

Ask me any questions you've got. I'm here to answer them. I want you to have as much fun and grow through this remarkable process the same way I did and still am. (I share my own story below.) Email me here.

Through this fun experience, we’ll cover:

Finding Time

How to List





and all the key details you need.

Quick, Informative Video Lessons

Declutter + Sell on Poshmark

The logical experience is to declutter first and then sell what you’ve decluttered. You have to first go through your stuff and then you know what you want to keep, what you want to sell or donate and what needs to be organized. 


5-Step Process

  1. Commit
  2. Assess
  3. Categorize
  4. Calendarize
  5. Celebrate

        Sell on Poshmark

        5-Step Process

        1. Prepare
        2. Set Up
        3. Engage
        4. Deliver
        5. Receive

            Love Notes from Poshers

            “Could not be happier…

            Katie was INCREDIBLY flexible in finding a way to get it to me. Just as described and could not be happier. I’m very thankful for this experience!”

            — Tess, PA

            “Made my day...

            Amazing seller! Both shirts were wonderful and clean. Both individually wrapped and with a wonderful card! It made my day. Thank you so much!”

            — Adrianna, KS

            “Beautifully packaged…

            Beautiful purse, Thank you for the sweet note!”

            — Celina, NC


            GIRL. THESE ARE.. PERFECT!! Thank you for your MerMazing deal! You're fabulous!!”

            — Kelly, PA

            “So helpful and communicative!…

            Everything from the packaging to the personal note put a smile on my face.So helpful and communicative!”

            — Shauna, MA

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            $888 > $299

            Get Your House in Order!

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            Stumbling Blocks

            Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to make back some money from things you’ve got lying around that you aren’t using? But a lot of people give up before they even start trying to sell online for these reasons:

            Most Common Blocks

            Blocks to Decluttering

            You may have read about the life-changing experience of decluttering. You’ll start to feel the effects as soon as you really dive into letting go of things. There’s no more powerful way to figure out what truly matters to you in life than to declutter.

            You feel overwhelmed before you begin

            That’s why I’m here! Systems make life sing, systems with flexibility to bend as needed. which is what this is.

            You feel like you can't do this all by yourself

            Whether you’ve got a lot or a little to declutter, it’s the systematic approach that makes it go well. Encouragement and accountability count for a lot too and you’ll get those here.

            You don't know where to start

            Never fear: I’ve got a cunning plan for you! I’ll give you clear guidelines to support you. Going through this with others is an amazingly bonding experience on top of how rewarding it is by itself.

            You're afraid you'll get rid of something you'll want later

            First, this almost never happens and what’s weighing you down is far bigger than this remote possibility. The “weighing down” factor is no joke and what you want to get rid of forever for a better life. Also, you’ll get better and faster at choosing as you go through this. If you’re really uncertain, you’ll set it aside for now. Almost everything can be replaced or improved upon. 

            You're scared to even see what's in there!

            I hear you! That’s a major reason you need support to stay the course. I’m your champion in this process and it’s my deep thrill to see how much you’ll benefit from it.

            Blocks to Selling on Poshmark

            Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to make back some money from things you’ve got lying around that you aren’t using? But a lot of people give up before they even start trying to sell online for these reasons:

            You think it'll take a ton of time that's already in short supply

            I’ll show you how this all changed for me when it became fun and I figured out how to find the time without stressing.

            You think you need to be a pro product photographer

            As a seasoned designer who’s worked with millions of images and many pro photographers, I’ve got shortcuts to share with you for taking easy, great product shots. 

            You think you need to be a pro salesperson

            Poshmark is a social selling platform. That means it’s super friendly. What you learn here will make you more successful in your life because life is full of selling, disguised in much of our day-to-day transactions.

            You don't know what platform is best for you

            I choose Poshmark because it’s brilliantly set up and very simple once you learn what I’ll explain to you. Competitive sites aren’t as seller-friendly.

            You just don't want to invest the effort

            Once you get going, this is more fun than you can imagine and it’ll feel like a break rather than a chore. That’s what happened to me and why I want to share all the details with you.

            “A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life transforming.”

            — Marie Kondo

            Join the Experience and You’ll Receive:

            Insider Video Lessons

            Downloadable Cheatsheet

            Guidance from an Expert

            Resource Guides

            Live Sessions

            Supportive Community

            Live Sessions with Katie

            Topics Include:

            Welcome to Your Decluttered Life

            The Real Payoffs from Poshmark

            The Joy of Organization

            Bonuses Include

            Best Packing & Shipping Resources

            227 Top-Selling Brands on Poshmark

            Best Organizing

            Vintage is in Vogue

            Poshmark has 80 million users (with 7.6 million active) and brings in about $1.3 billion in sales a year. Poshmark started trading its IPO this past year. Their stock price jumped 142% on its first day of trading, causing it to be valued at $7 billion.

            How This Came to Be

            Hi, I'm Katie

            I'm a designer, writer and developer running my own business, Embodyart, for 20 years. I also design home furnishings (rugs primarily; see one in the photo) and take a stab at designing clothing.

            I love cats, pesto, bare feet in water and minor 11th chords. Relationship is my biggest passion besides design, words and entrepreneurship.

            Clearing out books, a tough category

            I've always been a clothing and style lover, hence, how I found my way to Poshmark. But it took 5 years before I figured out the magic to enjoying and profiting from the platform.

            The organized payoff in my closet

            When no donation places were picking up or allowing dropoffs during Covid, I was desperate to get piles of boxes out of my house (my cat loved them but I digress).

            Sébastian loves boxes more than I do

            Out of sheer frustration, I gave Poshmark another chance and boy, am I glad I did. I unlocked the keys to how to make it work and discovered so many surprising benefits.

            Window into my decluttering journey

            The reason I'm offering this course to you is because the combination of decluttering with selling on Poshmark has been such a big experience.

            Organizing is in some ways, the icing on the cake. It creates your gorgeous space after you've decluttered. I've always been organized since childhood but learning how to really declutter has up-leveled my organizational skills big time and I want to share with you what I've learned so you can live in bliss too.

            I initially had all the reservations anyone could have about it taking too much time for too little result. When the frustration over looking at piles of boxes during Covid got to be too much for me, it forced me to get creative.

            Every problem really is an opportunity; the trick is in figuring out what that opportunity is. In this case, my piles of stuff were a fun and profitable opportunity for learning to sell online. I can't wait to share everything I've learned with you.

            Join the Fun, Friendly, Supportive Community

            Not only will you have the support of our intimate, private community, which is always one of the best parts of an adventure like this but you’ll also discover the amazing community of Poshmark. The link to join our private community group for extra fun, friendship and support is is in the course menu.

            Get Immediate Access

            As soon as you purchase, you'll be sent access via e-mail. You can then explore the video lessons, workshop pages, cheatsheet and bonuses any time using your smartphone, iPad or desktop computer.

            “An amazing experience…

            Working with Katie has been an amazing experience…”

            — Becky Horan, CA

            “Truly astounds me…

            How incredibly liberating this feels. It truly astounds me. I’m not only shifting my identity, I’m ascending. Thank you for honoring my journey…

            — Bobby Manard, NY

            “Exudes ethics, love, beauty and integrity…

            I highly recommend anything associated with Katie. Katie exudes ethics, love, beauty and integirty in all she does…”

            — Mary Cate O’Malley, CA

            “So much value…

            There’s so much value in Katie’s work. This is art.”

            — Lisa DeLand, TX

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Click questions for responses and to open and close

            What's included in the course?

            The program includes two courses: Declutter and Sell on Poshmark. Each course covers a five-step process with lessons within each of the steps.

            The lessons contain a short video, summary key points and live sessions for each of the steps.

            You'll also get a cheatsheet for each course to help you remember key points.

            Sessions are recorded if you can't make it live, however, attending live will yield the best results because you'll get to ask your own questions.

            In addition, there are helpful bonuses.

            You'll also get guest expert live sessions on topics of interest.

            What's the difference between the discounted and eventual price?

            When the discounted price is listed on this page, that's the best price ever offered. The eventual price is what the course costs after the discount goes away.

            When will live sessions take place and will they be recorded?

            Live sessions take place once a week within each of the courses. They're 60–90 minutes usually on Thursdays at 1:30 ET.

            There's a calendar within the course portal so you can easily check call dates and times.

            Calls are recorded in case you can't make them but you're encouraged to attend live to ask your own questions and take the information in the best way possible.

            Will I get to learn from you, Katie, directly?

            Yes! I'm so excited to speak with you during the live calls. I'll also be in the community group interacting with you and sharing extra tips and answering specific individual questions on a regular basis..

            How much time does this course require?

            Each course runs for five weeks during the live semesters. You'll continue to have access to the material after we run through it live.

            Taking in the course material can be done at your own pace. The live calls will be scheduled and you can continue to refer to the material long into the future.

            The video lessons are usually about 5 minutes long. There are about 21 lessons within each course.

            Decluttering time varies greatly depending on your situation. It can take as long as 6 months or as short as a weekend. To do it thoroughly, however, you can bet on it taking a few months to fully go through the process. You can start selling before you've fully decluttered, which will get your up and running and learning faster.

            If you spend about a half hour a day listing and sharing on Poshmark, you'll see a payoff once you understand the setup and inside tips.

            How long will I have access to the material?

            The course must, by necessity, evolve over time because the internet and technology moves quickly and changes every year. Poshmark is an online social selling platform and also changes and evolves regularly. As a result, the course will be updated as needed for as long as it remains online.

            You'll have access to the version of the course you purchase for at least a year or until a new version replaces it. Updates will be available to existing owners at a modest rate if you'd like to keep current as the material evolves.

            If an entirely new course replaces this course, that would require a separate, new purchase.

            What is the private community group?

            We've got a private Facebook community group associated with the course. This group is planned to transition to our own portal within 2024.

            Groups create wonderful encouraging energy and are a great place to share experiences, ask questions and meet people. If you don't want to participate in the group, you'll still have access to the full course material and the live calls.

            Can I get a refund if I don't enjoy it?

            If you don’t love the material and decide it isn’t for you, you can e-mail me within 7 days of purchase for a full refund, using the contact form within the course.

            Will this help me meet people with similar interests?

            You're likely to meet people both in the community group and on Poshmark itself. That's a big part of why this process is so much fun.

            Love Notes from Poshers

            “Absolutely delighted...

            with this scarf and the seller who goes out of her way to make the experience totally beautiful!”

            — Katheryn, OK

            “Wonderful seller…

            Wonderful seller

            — Colleen, PA

            “Lovely in every category…

            Lovely in every category. Thank you, it looks quite joyful with the Anthro Tradewinds duvet. I appreciate the superb packing!”

            — Malia, WA

            “Can't recommend enough…

            Can't recommend Katie enough. Very helpful & kind. My item is perfect and as described! It was carefully packaged with a sweet note. Thank you so much!”


            “Very professional and sweet…

            Thank you so much for this wonderful clutch! Katie is a very professional and sweet seller. I will definitely come back to your store again!”

            — Anya, CA

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