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I made $6,889.78 selling what I decluttered on Poshmark and you can too!

Trash to Cash is a guided training to selling on Poshmark offered in a 5-week committed course for declutterers to help you save time, gain surprising life and business tools, have a blast and make a tidy profit. Space is limited.

Watch this 2-minute video to learn how you can profit on Poshmark.

Learn the art and science of how to sell what you declutter on Poshmark!

  • If you’ve got piles of stuff and wonder how to get out from under, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you want insights into success on Poshmark, you’ll find useful tips here.

  • If you’d like a smart way to recycle and keep things out of landfills, you’ve found the solution.

  • If you’d like a fun and beneficial side gig, get the fast track here.

  • Jump into this 5 week program that covers everything you need to know.

  • Join live Q&A sessions monthly where you can ask your own specific questions for your closet.

  • Get surprising and enriching benefits for life and business, such as: improved negotiating skills,, honed-in copywriting capabilities, engagement insights, a deeper understanding of the value of a dollar and perspective on possessions and ownership.

Discover the secret to
finding time to do this

Learn how to list for SEO
(search engines) & buyers

Set pricing for a win/win outcome

Snap photos that capture sales

Gain negotiation insights 

Get shipping and followup
pointers that seal the deal

This is for you if you want:

  • A nice motivation to declutter 

  • An alternative to chucking or donating extra stuff

  • To make some cash from things you’re not using

  • To gain profound perspective on managing “stuff”

  • To finally grasp the value of a dollar

  • To engage on a friendly site while gaining insights

  • To not add to vast landfills

  • To learn about trends and brands

  • To sell clothing, toys, electronics and home items in one place

  • To honor things without letting them weigh you down

This is not for you if you:

  • Need to make money instantly

  • Have no patience for learning something new

  • Have no computer skills (low tech is fine) 

  • Don’t believe this can work for you

  • Don’t want to engage with people who like your listings

  • Aren’t willing to commit a few hours a week to start

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Course Contents

WEEK ONE: Prepare

Lessons: Fun Changes Everything, Finding Time, Account Setup, What to Sell, Pricing

Get prepared for this fun experience with the mindset that changes everything. Learn how you really do have enough time when you approach it this way.

We’ve got a private community (off social media) and monthly live Q&A calls via Zoom happen there. 


Lessons: How to List Items, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Searching Tips, Product Photography, Organizing Your Closet, Getting Paid

Set up the foundation within your Poshmark account so things run smoothly and beautifully. Save time and missteps with these tips.


Lessons: How to Engage Buyers, Communicating for Sales, Bundles & Negotiating, Handwritten Notes, Love Notes

Get the fast track to the details you only learn when you’ve used the platform for a while — you’ll be ahead of the game in the most important area: engaging buyers.

WEEK FOUR: Deliver

Lessons: Packing Sold Items, Shipping Basics, Shipping Heavier Items, Returns & Complaints

Ensure you send your sold items off so that buyers appreciate you, which leads to more sales and more visibility on Poshmark. Know how to handle any problems that might occur. Learn ingenious ways to ship unusual items.

WEEK FIVE: Receive

Lessons: Posh Ambassadors (Level I & II), Entrepreneurship Lessons, Next Steps

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can go further and become a Posh Ambassador, which is a ranking that gets you increased perks and visibility. Capitalize on the many lessons for entrepreneurship (such as how sharing frequently is key)  in this wonderful experience.

Join the Adventure and You’ll Receive:

Video Training

Short videos explaining each element of the system for success


Key points from each lesson so you’ve got your own shorthand notes

Expert Guidance

Guidance from me who’s been there / done that so you can go quickly

Q&A Sessions

Monthly Q&A session where you can ask your own specific questions 


Private community (off social media) to ask questions and have fun

Best Packing & Shipping Resources

Get smart without wasting money by using these tested and valuable resources

227 Top-Selling Brands on Poshmark

You can sell all kinds of things and it’s always helpful to know what buyers are devouring

Best Organizing Resources

Become an organizing ninja with these recommended, amazingly useful resources

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Make a tidy profit decluttering & selling on Poshmark.

Trash to Cash is a guided training to selling on Poshmark offered in a
5-week committed course for declutterers to help you save time, gain surprising life and business tools, have a blast and make a tidy profit. Space is limited.

by Katie Colormaiden

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    • BONUS: 227 Top-Selling Brands on Poshmark
    • BONUS: Best Organizing Resources
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Vintage is in Vogue

Poshmark has 80 million users (with approx. 8 million active both buyers and sellers). Poshmark operates in the U.S. and Canada. Poshmark is currently valued at $1.41 billion.

Truly astounds me…

How incredibly liberating this feels. It truly astounds me. I’m not only shifting my identity, I’m ascending. Thank you for honoring my journey…”

— Bobby Manard, NY

Exudes ethics, love, beauty and integrity…

I highly recommend anything associated with Katie. Katie exudes ethics, love, beauty and integirty in all she does…”

— Mary Cate O’Malley, CA

Completely changed my life…

Katie’s program completely changed my life.”

— Jill Kane, MA

Shows you the light…

Katie’s brilliant, creative mind elevates [your results]. This [program] shows you the light…”

— Crystal Johnson, TX & CO

Love Notes from Poshers

Absolutely delighted...

with this scarf and the seller who goes out of her way to make the experience totally beautiful!”

— Katheryn, OK

Wonderful seller…

Wonderful seller

— Colleen, PA

Lovely in every category…

Lovely in every category. Thank you, it looks quite joyful with the Anthro Tradewinds duvet. I appreciate the superb packing!”

— Malia, WA

Can't recommend enough…

Can't recommend Katie enough. Very helpful & kind. My item is perfect and as described! It was carefully packaged with a sweet note. Thank you so much!”


Very professional and sweet…

Thank you so much for this wonderful clutch! Katie is a very professional and sweet seller. I will definitely come back to your store again!”

— Anya, CA

If you’re ready to finally get out from under all that cr*p plus help the environment
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